Invest in WestSide and give.

Everything we do at WestSide happens through the generous investing and giving of people and partner churches who support the mission of WestSide to tell people about Jesus and all he has done for us. All gifts -- big, small, tiny, ginormous -- matter. 

You may make a one-time donation by credit card, give through your bank account, or set up recurring donations.

Investments in WestSide can be designated to the General Fund, which supports our general mission to be church and proclaim Christ. So, we do some really boring stuff through the general fund like pay the electricity bill and buy paper towels. We also do some really fun stuff with the general fund, like throw block parties, teach kids about God through WestSide Wednesdays, and feed hungry kids around the world through packing meals at Kids Against Hunger. Investments can also be designated to the Building Fund.