Church On-Site

Sundays at 10 am

Church On-Site

During the Spring and Summer months we will worship outside at 10 am as the weather allows. If we need to move inside we will make an announcement via e-mail, text, and social media.

If we have worship indoors it will be with appropriate safety and health precautions.

Church may feel a little different, whether you are online or in person, but, hopefully, both communities will have a sense of participating in one service, together.

As you make decisions about whether coming to church on-site is a good decision for you, here are some things to know:

We’ve made a few updates to the building.

  • Air quality measures have been put in place by increasing the amount of outside air coming into our system and by installing a UV light to help clean the air going through the system.
  • Seating in the sanctuary has been decreased and spread out. 
  • An automatic door has been installed at the entrance, allowing for touchless entry and exit.
  • We are limiting the occupancy in the sanctuary to 65. The fellowship hall is readied with a TV for overflow seating.

Worship will be a little different.

  • The order has been adapted to be shorter and simpler. Find the digital bulletin here.
  • Physical interactions, like sharing the peace and passing an offering basket, have been removed.
  • Collective speaking, like saying the Lord’s Prayer together, will still happen.
  • Song participation will be encouraged as humming or soft singing.
  • Communion will happen, but not every Sunday.

Church online is still going strong.

  • We’re live-streaming church online every Sunday at 10 am on Facebook, YouTube, and

If you do decide to come to WestSide for in person church, we ask that you:

  • Come only if you are healthy. If you have a fever or are coughing or have any of the other symptoms associated with COVID-19, please stay home for you and your neighbor. Find a complete list of symptoms at the Center for Disease Control’s website.
  • Come with a commitment to physical distancing, maintaining the recommended 6 foot distance from anyone who is not in your family group. 
  • Come with your mask. Inside, our expectation is that masks are worn, with the exception of younger children. 
  • Come with your own coffee, water, snacks, and activity bag. For now, we will be refraining from shared items, including food and beverage.