The Whole Story

A year of reading the Bible.

WestSiders are digging in to read the Bible. Why? Because God’s Word matters. How will we do it? We’ll tackle the Bible through worship, Grow Groups, mid-week Cross-Gen nights, and your daily reading. Don’t worry, we’ll help you along the way. It’s an adventure, and we’re on it together.

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A Down to Earth Advent and Christmas

This Advent and Christmas, we celebrate a God who comes down. A God who comes down! In the scriptures leading up to Jesus birth, we find God getting into human business by sending messengers -- angels -- to ordinary human beings to reveal God’s work in their lives. On Christmas, we will, again, hear how God is born in human form, just so God can live among us, to save us from our sins. This Christmas, we celebrate a down-to-earth God with a down-to-earth Christmas. Simple. Real. Down to Earth.

The Bible Project | Luke Ch. 1-2

Grow Group Bible Study

Grow group bible studies meet once a month. Grow groups are small groups of people (8-12) who meet to connect the Bible to daily life.

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Daily Reading E-mails

Receive daily e-mails with bible readings for The Whole Story. Sign up here for easy access to readings right in your inbox. If you haven’t done this yet, no worries! Start with today’s reading. Or tomorrow’s. Or whenever you get signed up. Paper schedules available at the table by the bulletin board.